Is it a bubble?

Friday Mar 5th, 2021


A quick glance on what happens in the Real Estate market today it sounds like a bubble but the reality tells us something different! There're many reasons that it's not a bubble.  First cardinal reason is: That we have a very low inventory , which makes the supply away lower than demand. Technically speaking, in Real Estate , we call it  monthly supply of inventory, it means the number of houses for sale compared to the number of Buyers in the market. In GTA the... [read more]

How a Buyer needs to deal with multiple offers?

Wednesday Jan 27th, 2021


With a hot market and a  dramatically low inventory , the Buyer may be frustrated, yet he/she has to deal with such situations with cautions. Here are some tips that might help:  Always listen to your well experienced Realtor: Your Realtor will guide you to the best ideas to deal with this situation, thereofore he/she should be your primary source.  Know your budget: It's an essential step to understand your budget, I'd say that the best way to do that is by... [read more]

A new or a resale home?

Sunday Nov 15th, 2020


  To buy a home is a very exciting experience, one needs to make a big decision with the help of a Realtor. This decision has to consider, location, cost, time, etc. so at the end  of the day you can be satisfied and enjoy your home.  1- Location: Where you want to live? Why? How far from work? Now, because of the Covid 19, too many people will go to their workplace , rather they will work from home which mean-for many of them- location is not a top priority!... [read more]

Real Estate or Stocks?

Tuesday Nov 3rd, 2020


    I recieve many messages from previous clients or potentail ones asking some advices regarding : Which is better investment; Real Estate or Stocks.  It wasn't easy to find a simple  answer, yet here are some ideas:  First of all, by buying stocks you -acutally- buy a little piece of this or that company , it doesn't take much time or money to buy them. on the other hand, when you buy real estate, you buy physical land or a property, most... [read more]



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